— Let there be light.

Light in darkness.

This is counter economy.
More light & love in the world:
The only bottomline.

Cross Create

More impact every month.

Coffee Bar

Coffee creating context for creativity.

Thinking Musicians

Think differently about making music.


A new type of business investment.

What You Practice

...is what you become.

Clearcut Tuts

Students can do anything.

Mark-Twin Games

Escape reality to explore it deeper.

Dedicated Debit

A neobank dedicated to generosity.

Dance or Die

Creative agency is what we have...


Thematic radio and a soundtrack for life.

The Space

Community resources for creatives.

Project Marketing

Pushing purpose-projects forward.

Connection Card

Quickly connect after meeting in-person.

The Etching Grounds

Create cultures of dignity and purpose.

The How Network

A new phase in political priorities.


Bring a creative idea into the world.

Farlight Medias

Saying what we see.


Beginning a new era of selfless support.

Hey, I Have An Idea

Got an idea? Get a getting-started strategy.


A next-generation think tank.

Galry Art

Appreciating everyday artists.

Shared App

Better content delivery for rural schools.


A school that fosters freedom.

YC Academy

Inspiring young change-makers.

Stage Manager

A message to wear.

Wizer News

A perspective shift in news.


Distinctive and deeply personal books.


A church space for the Church.

Light Machine

Businesses & brands from a different place.


The countdown has started.

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Travis B. Mitchell

Love, taking action.

Thank you

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Every project we undertake is born out of a love for people. We're finding new ways to serve people through creative business, innovative media, and hands-on education.

This is a creative studio (run by Travis with a diverse team). We're thinking differently about impact and people.

Pushing purpose-projects forward.